things lately and most importantly - he turns 20 on this day

I have so much to talk about really so much.  I have been really busy lately.  This is good because I have been busy spending time with people I love and that’s very important to do.  I don’t feel too bad about not spending time in my new blog space.  I’m still getting used to it here.  I really miss the community of wordpress but i love the modern simple feel of this space.  I suppose it’s like getting used to a new car.  Yep, got one of those too.  Austin will be taking over my jeep so it stays in the family and I will drive something different.  I park the new car in the garage but I’m not all about cars not to say I don’t appreciate this new space aged vehicle, I just don’t think it’s something to talk about in depth.    

Also my oldest son turns 20 today.  That’s mind blowing.  MIND BLOWING.  I made a video for him to honor the years he has lived so far.  In this video he reads a poem he wrote.  I hope he likes what I put together for him.  It was my April project.  It took some time this one.  I of course see all the flaws like when I was filming my computer screen to use the baby footage but I’ll try and set that aside.

click HERE  to see the video time capsule

If you want to see his video the secret word is love. 

Lastly, I’m excited about the Polaroid Impulse SE, I picked up while shopping at Savers this past Friday.  I also found a warehouse literally around the corner from where I work where I bought a pack of impossible film.  This film is like pure gold.  It’s pricey and for only eight shots.  So I have decided to make this a Polaroid self portrait project.  I will take a photo every Monday for 8 weeks.  This is my first attempt.  I call it eyes without a face.  I need to see how to not use the flash.  Such a learning curve.  But I’m stoked.  This also teaches me a lesson of patience.  I can hardly wait until next Monday.