learning new things is hard

I have decided to not re-new my account on wordpress.  This means I get to learn a new way of blogging.  So far it's like learning a new language.  Some people have mentioned that wordpress is hard.  I didn't seem to think so. but this.  This seems hard, either that or it really is so easy I'm just not getting it.  All frustration aside let me post about something that really made my day.  Below is yesterdays breakfast.  A day old vegan donut, dirty grout and coffee of course.  I found beauty in this.  That's why I took a picture of it.  It's real life. 

Then today our cousin up north.  Yes.  I claim her.  I claim all Rich's family as my own.  That's what happens when you get married right?  I claim them because they are really, really GOOD people and as you see below.  Very talented too. Carie drew my breakfast.  She didn't just draw it.  She made it look way better.  I would hang this in my coffee shop if I had one. 

Seriously.  New language.  Chinese.  And where it the spell check?  I'm the worst speller in the entire universe.