the bathroom window

I have noticed recently that our bathroom window is ever changing.  Not just the things that get set on the windows ledge but the view itself. 

So from time to time I think I may document this window with my iPhone.  Just for the fun of it.

I took this image because the beautiful morning glory caught my eye and the window ledge was peaceful with one blue bottle.  I set the rocks up there and snapped. 

I took this picture because there was so much stuff on the ledge and it caught my attention. 

We have two bathrooms in this house but truly all five of us and company use this bathroom 99% of the time.  The upstairs bathroom is considered the "boys"  It has one shower and no bath.  Turns out my two boys like baths more than a shower it seems.  Bath time when they were young was a big deal.  It was monumental in fact.  A big part of our nightly ritual.  They still love it. 

When we moved into this house, only this bathroom was in service.  The upstairs boys bathroom was gutted and even the ceiling below was destroyed by a shower leak.  The only available bathroom was this downstairs original 1950's bath.  A shallow green tub with no shower, so for months our whole family took only baths, this included motorcycle man. Years ago we tore out the old green shallow tub and put in a really deep tub.  I'm into deep tubs and deep sinks.  When we tore out the original shallow 1950's sink, I replaced it with a double deep sink so I could also bathe my kids in the sink.  I will never compromise if I have the choice between deep tubs and deep sinks.  Although now a days we can't fill the tubs so full but I dream of the day when we can again.