Don't forget the boys!!

I write a whole lot about the girl but we do have two boys as well.  The difference is, the boys are young men and because of that, they really prefer that we don't take their picture very much.  Exhibit A.

They are are just plain not around as much.  They have lives and the lives include adventure and especially since 2nd born cub got his license last week, his wings they are spreading.  He joined a gym and he is INTO it.  

However, every once in a while things will happen that melt this mom's heart.  Like for instance this weekend they sat down and played guitar with each other.  Dylan was teaching his big brother a System of a Down song.  Later Austin said and I quote "I love learning from my little brother"  They also checked out the jeep together and talked about how the new radiator will be going in.  That will be next weekend.  

A while back Austin decided to make homemade English muffins.  His girl had made up the dough and they didn't get to make them before she had to leave back to San Francisco so he promised her he would make them so the dough would not go to waste.  That was a gift to me because I got to visit with him while he rolled out the dough and fried them up.  By the way, they were so good!

When I get to see them together it's a really good thing.  I cherish it like you wouldn't believe.  

Even when the photograph is the tiniest bit blurry.  I love it because they are side by side. 

Below is the link to a short video and it's boring for people who don't know these boys but for those of us who do, it's just under 2 minutes of brothers playing guitar and I know there is music over top but just watching them interact was so nice.  moving memory captured here.  the word is LOVE