mother daughter portrait project week 13

Oh my goodness.  All week we have tried to take our mother daughter portrait.  We had this brilliant idea.  But each day something came up.  Abbie didn’t feel well, the hair was NOT going right.  And so on and so forth.  Today is Friday.  We have to fit it in because before you know it, we will need to be working on week 14.

Okay let’s be real here.  We were both mad.  We decided to get some housework done.  She took the dishes, I took the vacuuming job.  


Let’s just be real about it.  

Lets take our moment in the kitchen


Honestly, it starts off with a little stress in the air.  The expressions are real.  I’m not happy about how today is going and neither is she.  

I think I need the red lipstick, maybe puff up my hair a little, take off these red shoes that I have been wearing entirely too much.  She even decides a little lipstick is a good plan.  Still we don’t exactly know how to pose and the tension…..It’s still there. 

I decide a jump should be fun. From experience I know jump shots clear the air.  Lighten the mood. 

Then she has an idea.  She goes to the fridge and pulls out the whip cream.  

Okay mom, JUMP!  Literally we figured out that she had the timing down better than I did and when she said JUMP, I would jump and it would mostly work.  The whole truth.  We took 58 pictures.  It was the very LAST shot that we both liked the best.  This is REAL LIFE.  My rolls, uh huh, that’s real, the crumbs on the floor, that’s real too, the empty water pitcher in the sink, REAL. It’s almost always empty.  I guess that means we drink a lot of water.  This is week 13.  Until next time:)