April 12th....my day in seconds

There are so many things that can happen in one day.  I’m doing a mini movie project with 22 limes. 

We each picked one day in our life to document, approximately 2 seconds within each hour. It’s the tiniest of snippets of our day.   60 seconds makes a minute, there are 3,600 seconds in one hour.  3,600 possible moments that can happen.  I notice also that I can do quite a lot in one hour.  My day from waking to slumber is on an average about 16-18 hours.   There are 61,200 seconds in a 17 hour day….that’s 61,200 possibilities but I will only show you 38 seconds of my entire day from waking to slumber. On this particular day I went to bed early by 10:00.

 I can't wait to see Christina's day because she has a lot of creative juices that flow through her veins. The password for this short clip is LOVE all caps❤️