Last week I was so fired up.  I was walking, I was swimming, I was lifting weights in the pool even.  This week all the hard work I put in last week has perhaps been reversed.  It was a busy week, an out of the ordinary week for us.  We had some company who made our living room their place to lay their heads each night for this past week.  Routines were rocked.  Not just because we had guests but because the week was just full of things to do. 

It began last Friday.  That’s when our company arrived.  It was late at night and we had the mattress aired up and I wanted visit for a while before I headed up to bed.  I received the best biggest most excitable hug upon the little one leaping into my arms and hugging me tight.  That was something I could carry with me all week long.  Felt so good.  Before they arrived I cleaned up a little and had to fit in a picture for my 365 so I meandered the back yard, often it’s my saving grace for an image during my day.  I found this butterfly bush of ours seeding and I found it to be so pretty.  I also discovered a caterpillar munching away but I have too many pictures in my project already of those. The seeding milkweed it is. 

The very next day our sister Sarah came to town, her birthday was just days away so we simi celebrated early with her.  We had a nice visit and lunch together.  It’s always nice to see her, we don’t see her often enough so when we do it’s always a treat.  She shared some really yummy strawberry balsamic vinegar and some homegrown lettuce and a dozen fresh eggs from her working hens.  That night we ran to In-N-Out for dinner.  I’m still staying strong on no soda.  This one belonged to one of the kids and I guess they were saving it for later.  If you can’t tell, I forgot to take a picture for the day and this is what I managed to fit in.

Sunday was my niece’s birthday!  She turned 18 for goodness sake.  How is it these kids just keep getting older while we stay the same (I wish)  We went to to watch her play a game on Sunday while little one chased Japanese beetles and climbed trees.  

Monday we promised my friend Bean that we would come help her paint a bedroom.  After work we headed to her place.  We painted a bedroom and got back just in time to clean up for a school pot luck where I took 3 extra girls who also ended up sleeping over our house that night.  It was for sure a full house, so full I had to ask Dylan if he might find a friends house to sleep so we could make room.  

I could hardly wait for Tuesday.  On Tuesday we got to visit my sister's family and hold our new baby girl.  We just spent hours sitting next to my sister and Juliette, we stayed so long they fed us dinner and it was a really good day.  Plus my niece LeLe was heading out for France the next day so we had to get our good bye hugs in too.  

Wednesday already, mid week!  We have some family visiting from Indiana so I got to start my day with coffee and some Indiana love.  We also got to spend time with our family up north.  Although they have been with us all week, they are busy, busy with games and activities that we rarely got to see them.  Wednesday we made brownies and rice crispy treats for Nan’s birthday, we ordered pizza and played apples to apples for a good long while and ended our night with Big Brother. 

Thursday arrives and I had promised Dylan I would make dinner for a few of his friends.  It was a yummy meatless meal with pasta, bread, salad and roasted veggies.  I so loved that they allowed me to take a picture of us at the table.  It had me thinking about when I used to make a video’s last year, much of the video’s included us around the dinner table. Which lead to, us watching a few, which lead to….us missing our first born son. 

Friday already!  I woke to such beautiful light on an empty laundry baskets.  The light is always a treat and it moves so fast, so fast one can miss it if they are not paying attention but the most rare part of all was the empty laundry baskets.  Our family was packing up by the time I got home from work so I was able to hug them all goodbye until next time.