love deeds

Sometimes when bad things happen it’s hard to understand. So many questions go barreling though ones mind.  I’m a feather finder and heart seeking girl.  It was a learned behavior.  Taught by other feather finders and heart seekers.  Once they opened my eyes to it, it’s all I could see. 

Recently I have been able to witness a really powerful group of LOVE.  Big, beautiful giving, caring hearts.  I couldn’t think of anything other than a hand stitched imperfect heart to contribute. I’m not a wizard with a needle, I can barely sew on a button but a heart is all I could imagine as my love deed.  No time to waste, the very day I found out I paid a visit to the fabric store after I got off work.  I picked out a simple piece of fabric and red thread.  I got home and tried to stitch that heart.  I unstitched it too because it just wasn’t exactly perfect.  I ended with an imperfect heart anyways.  Even with trying to make it perfect, it turned out wonky.  It reminded me of life and of people so I left it.  Then I looked down and the red thread was a heart too, it made me smile.  

I keep checking the page to see how much money has been raised, how many pieces of mail have arrived.  It’s beautiful.  It’s a really good thing. 

This morning even I looked down and there was a heart in my coffee.  You know that little weird film that can float on top.  It was a heart. 

It seems since I stitched the heart my eyes have been opened again to those little hearts that leave themselves in my path.  Even in the mall last night, motorcycle man spotted a tiny gold heart sticker stuck to the malls floor. I was happy that my motorcycle man is a heart seeker too.