our mindful eye


This week it’s this simple. I spent the greater part of this past Saturday cleaning. The kind of cleaning that’s not the ordinary, or at least not my ordinary. I was walking into the kitchen and realized the kitchen floor felt grimy under my bare feet. I should sweep and clean my kitchen floors, which turned into cleaning the whole down stairs. My house isn’t very big which makes this very doable. I washed baseboards, doors, walls and all this on top of the “regular” kind of cleaning. The kitchen floor feels so good under my feet today! I sometimes choose to do yoga in the kitchen but I will only do it if the floor is clean. Maybe I can practice in there this week. While I cleaned I rearranged some plants that sit by the kitchen window. I took this little love spoon handle out of another plant that sits on top of the fridge and I can’t see the love handle all the way up there so I brought it down to someplace I can see. My friend Cristin Spriggs gave me this spoon handle and I really love it! I have so much LOVE in our home. It’s like I don’t want anyone to forget that LOVE lives here. If you were to visit my home, you would see love on the front door, on mirrors, on cork boards, on the door leading to the garage…pretty much EVERYWHERE. I also just recently purchased the most adorable and comfy sweatshirt from Kate Flowers which reads LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS over and over and over again. Today in church we are beginning a study of John and in John it talks of LOVE too. If I surround myself in love it reminds me to….Just Love. I try hard to do this but sometimes I fail. I call it the practice of love. Practice and never give up practicing and with practice comes a more natural behavior or even habit. Practice love and you will not be let down.

My creative partner Christina posted two posts last week and I was double happy to be able to see two of her creative images and to hear her heart. I hope you will be able to visit her blog too, it often inspires me to be a better person. I think its important to surround oneself with people who inspire us to be better people, she is one of those kind of human beings.