It's already February!! What's new with you?

Welp looks like I let all of January (blink)  go by without a single blog post! I just want to share some thoughts and ideas and accomplishments with anyone who wants to read about it. 

When January arrived I was excited about my word for the year.  STRETCH.  I picked it for obvious reasons, I'm trying to be more consistent with a yoga practice and I figure this would literally STRETCH me.  It's more than that though but not quite sure if I'm ready to talk about it just yet. Did you choose a word for 2018?


In order for me to help this word along and have more yoga in my life I joined another yoga challenge in January, it was different than the December pose a day challenge, this was Yoga with Adriene, on YOUTUBE and she had a 30 day TRUE challenge that I decided to participate in. I actually finished all 30 days and was so proud of myself for sticking to it.  It was far easier to stick to it though because a nice community of friends joined me in my challenge and we were able to encourage one another to keep on swimming so to speak.  I believe visiting the mat each day on top of attending our local in live person weekly holy yoga class got me yearning for more. 

Now it's already February and I have joined yet another challenge presented to me by Adriene once again, this month she calls it LOVE YO' SELF.  and although it's not an entirely brand new series of videos, they are new to me!  She has a calendar for me to follow that gives suggestions of her videos to visit daily.  I'm 5 days into February and 5 days strong with my practice.  

That's just the yoga life, which apparently has taken a life of it's own because I'm not even blogging much any more and a few other things have been sort of set aside for the time being. 

Let's reflect on 2017 for a moment.  I want you to think of what good things happened in 2017, I know some of us have had really terrible things come up in 2017.  I know some of us have endured great loss in 2017 but I want to think about what good things occurred.  What made you stronger?  What made you thankful?  What did you accomplish? I'm trying hard to think differently because if I'm being honest I would tell you what I didn't do, what I failed at, what I lost.  I might spend too much time beating myself up about not accomplishing certain goals but instead I'm going to list some good things that happened in 2017.

I got new reading glasses

My 3rd Essay "Mother Daughter" piece was published in Winter Issue No. 10 of Bella Grace

Grandma gave me grandpa's gold coin

Rich and I went on a weekend get-a-way and I finally got to sleep over in a airstream trailer

I simplified my closet and have kept it up

I started using a lunette, less waste and very liberating

I met Maritza who taught me lots of new things about healthy lifestyle

Rich and I spent our anniversary weekend in Laguna Beach

Austin moved back home

Dylan graduated high school

I read Harry Potter books 1-5

Abbie and I got Disneyland passes

We painted our orange room gray

we got a new kitten

I got my clean bill of health with all my well woman checks

I learned to do a headstand with the help of the wall

We got our block wall built

I have kept off 25 pounds

Those are just a few of the good things that went down in 2017.  Below is a quick video of 2017 from my collect calendar which helps me to remember the good things in each year.  It's a 3 minute video.   It's private on my vimeo account the password is always...all caps LOVE