snack time

You need a tribe of women around you who are endlessly devoted to helping you succeed. There’s power in that
— Ann Shoket

If I'm talking about snacks why would I begin with a quote on women supporting women?  Because, this is how it happened:)  I was introduced to a woman named Amy by another woman named Gina.  Gina knew that Amy would be an inspiration to me and would encourage me in my healthy lifestyle.  Gina is an artist and a real live person who I've spent time with, she and I worked side by side in her studio to make come sweet ceramic dishes.  How beautiful is that for her to share her time and talent with me?!  If you are looking for a unique piece of art visit her IG page here SO MANY IDEAS .

OK, as  I was saying, Gina introduced me to Amy and while I have not met Amy in person I have had a few positive exchanges in our in boxes.  In fact since I was recently struggling with healthy choices and had somewhat fallen off my health wagon, I reached out to her, but more in the way to let her know that her posts and blog inspire me greatly.  She then shared a recipe with me and I tried it today.  She thought it might help with my sugar carb type cravings which also trigger me to make not so good choices.  I loosely followed her recipe because that's how I do things  - not a recipe follower so to speak.    I didn't buy dates because I didn't want to buy the large quantity Sprouts seemed to only offer.  The rest of the ingredients I got from the bulk bins so I didn't have to buy a ton and  it worked perfect to buy only what I needed. I believe the dates would have made these a bit sweeter however they tasted just perfect to me exactly how I made them.  I skipped on the dates and rolled them in  raw unsweetened coconut.  Yum.  I also think dried apricots would be a nice touch.  I blended then all together in my Ninja  Bullet type blender, then rolled them into balls.  It was super easy and quick.  


I made myself a hot cup of lavender calming tea.  It was a really nice treat to drink my hot tea and eat the  EASY PEASY RAW SNACK BOMB You can find the real recipe at WHOLE LIFE WITH AMY.  You see what I mean about women encouraging women? It's the best thing ever.  I'm lucky enough to have strong women family members along with some amazing life long friendships and it truly does take a tribe.  I hope you find your tribe.  The kind you can be yourself with and the kind you can grow with, the ones who build you up and not tear you down.