Our Mindful Eye

You must write it all out, at any cost. Writing is thinking. It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living.
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Christina and I decided to post on Monday's from here on out.  That works really great for me especially this week because Sunday was April 22nd which is earth day.  We spent both our Saturday and Sunday at the ocean.  The ocean has always been a place of healing for me.  Nature in general is a good place of healing but the ocean specifically speaks to me.  It's salty air, the feel of the soft sand beneath my feet, the healing salt water on my skin.  I can get lost for hours just combing the beach for shells.  One year I especially needed the ocean and for a bit each day after Abbie would get out of school I would drive us to the beach and we would swim together in the ocean.  It felt so good.  She will always remember it too, she was in elementary school but even to this day will remind me of our after school beach trips.  It felt like a life saver at the time.  I think it was only a matter of two weeks that we did this but it felt like a long enough time to make it a solid memory.  Even after our little beach craze during the week, we would also jump in the jeep and head out to Seal beach to watch the sunset as a family.  This ocean wave I share today is from Huntington Beach though.  

While we sat on the beach for Earth day I did a lot of people watching and since Abbie and her friends were a few life towers down from us, I didn't really have anyone to take pictures of....except for strangers.  I could have sat for days watching the people come and go.  This girl in particular caught my eye and I think she goes perfectly with the opening quote.  She was sitting all by herself writing in a journal.  She had beautiful red hair that blew in the wind.  She reminded me of a much younger version of myself.  I loved being by myself as a young woman and I would go on little adventures by myself with my camera in hand.  I would write too.  I was a writer even back then.  Writing my thoughts has also been a life saver, much like the healing properties of the sea.  


I hope you don't find me creepy, taking a picture of unsuspecting strangers, it's not something I normally do these days but this one was irresistible.  I had so many questions in my head, she was so mysterious.  Do you ever make up stories about people you see?  I do.  I know they are totally not accurate but it's fun to imagine.  

Lastly, please stop by and visit my friend Christina and see what her mindful eye might share this week, you can find her at 22 LIMES.  I included a picture of the pair of us below.  She took this with her Polaroid camera.  We don't live near each other.  We live a few states away from one another and we met each other for our first time ever a few years back in Oregon.  This snap shot is from that trip.  Have you ever met up with a stranger and shared a bed with them the very first night?  That's us! Perhaps we have a little adventure in our blood!  Sometimes I can't even believe I did that!  We have been great friends since that epic trip and we happen to love to do projects with each other.  Check us out on Instagram under ourmindfuleye, we will post there each week too.