the mindful eye

It must be a great disappointment to God if we are not dazzled at least ten times a day.
— Mary Oliver

We made it to the beach Saturday evening and I’m so happy we did. We love to just sit in the sand and take it all in. Watching the sun as it quickly slides away and gives us the most tremendous show as it waves goodbye, it says to us “It’s been a lovely day, completely amazing however I need to visit the other side now and let my moon friend shine for you tonight, I’ll be back tomorrow. Promise.” It’s always a privilege to send our sun friend off to the other side, the sun has done such good things for us today. It’s provided a beautiful light for us to see, it gives us some much needed Vitamin D, it helps our plants and trees grow, it warms our earth and provides life to so many things. We are thankful. God knew how important it was and created it first, the very first thing:)

I also planted the poppy seeds in the front garden. I can’t wait for them to grow and bloom. I hope it’s as simple and turning up the soil and just sprinkling them in sort of like I salt my food. Just sprinkle a little here or there and let nature do the rest.

Last week Christina talked about working on her creative self and she shared a prayer that included little old me and I feel so honored and I want to pray the same prayer. Christina’s prayer for us so completely authentic and heartfelt and I really appreciate that she prays for us and I know the words to be true. I began my creativity this weekend by not being creative at all but rather admiring God’s creativity and being inspired by His handy work. He has inspiration all around me and I realized that lately I have not been noticing as much as I sometimes do. It was really important that I sit still this weekend for a little bit to just take some of His wonders in. Sometimes I think that’s all we need to do. Just stop for a little bit in our otherwise busy days and just sit still under His sky and on His earth and just listen and see.