summer in the garden

I find such healing and peace when I spend time in my garden.  Our grass is prickly and brown, it sort of hurts to walk across it.  We are trying to be careful not to water very much.  Abbie's tee even looks in jeopardy.  However my garden that produces, I water it.  Not a ton but enough for it to stay alive. I talk to it lots, it surprises me sometimes too.  When we returned from Indiana I notice the Italian zucchini had grown into small zucchini pumpkins.  So round and full and cute.  They taste wonderful too.  I sautéed one up the other night. Here are some images from today.  I was so happy to float in the pool, to swim in the water to feel that freedom and peace water gives to me.  It felt so good to have the hot sun blanket on my sore legs.  The sun and water are always good therapy.  There were lady bugs in my garden too.  So many it made me  happy.