drastic times call for drastic measures

So basically.  The long and short of it.  I had been taking new medication for 3-1/2 months called Doxepin.  This medication was supposed to be the miracle wonder drug.  It would help depression/anxiety/itching/insomnia.  Hello!  Sign me up. 

Turns out my depression and anxiety intensified to a whole new level of darkness and it was scary.  I didn’t want to do much of anything at all and if it involved people interaction it was a definite NO. I do have little roller coaster rides with my emotions but this was different.  I was also having the longest period of my life in May on top of the feelings of darkness and tremendous scratching due to anxiety.  The all-time worst ever. My weight had quickly climbed to 186 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been.  Due to my seeing things backwards and upside down, I thought at first when I visited the doctor it read 189, I nearly died.  I love how I keep getting all-time highs in my weight.  Geesh.  The doctor talked to me a good long while and let me know sadly a side effect to the doxepin was increased anxiety and depression, increased appetite and this list goes on…you know how horrid the side effect list can be.  Go figure.  End result.  Stop taking the doxepin and she did a biopsy of my cervix to eliminate cervical cancer.  Still waiting to hear back.

I decided on my own to take drastic measures.  I’ve had it.  Not following a specific plan so to say but just remembering a few years back when an acupuncturist told me very bluntly, “lose weight, stop eating meat, dairy and packaged food, only eat fruits vegetables and drink lots of water”  I never went back.  His advice was not something I was willing to accept.  He said  was full of toxins.  

Day one was hell.  I could barely focus or think and I got the worst head ache I have ever had.  My head was pounding and my eyes were tearing up, I thought I would throw up.  I slept when I got home from work and by 7 p.m. I was beginning to feel the headache go away.  My energy for 3 days straight was low, very low.  No coffee, no meat, no sugar, no bread. NONE OF IT.  By day 4 I was feeling so much better.  I agreed to meet up with my mom and sister.  It was extremely good medicine.  See below. 

I’m on day 7 and I’m feeling so much better, my energy has returned and I feel very strong and disciplined.  I have no idea how I’m even doing this.  But I am.  And that’s what I have been up to lately.