Stay Gold

Nature’s first green is gold/Her hardest hue to hold/Her early leaf’s a flower/ But only so an hour/Then the leaf subsides to leaf/So Eden sank to grief/So dawn goes down to day/Nothing gold can stay.
— Robert Frost

Are you a night owl?  OR Are you an early bird?   

There is no doubt the morning is so peaceful, quiet and holds a certain calm.  However I’m more of a night owl so I miss many of the beautiful sun rises but I will often catch the sun set.  

My favorite time of day…is always golden.  I’m a sucker for the golden light.  I have written about it before.  I even included The poem by Robert Frost and honestly I was introduced to Robert Frost from S.E. Hinton when my mom had me take a speed reading class one summer at our local library and this was the book we were given to speed read.  I was my daughters age when I read this book (13) I could hardly believe it when shortly after reading it they made a movie out of it.  The cast!  I mean speaking of golden…that cast was golden.   The best cast ever.  So when I hear that poem, visually I go to the scene in the movie. Pony Boy and Johnny.  Those two standing in the golden light as the sun crept to the other side of the world and Pony Boy quotes that poem.  That’s where Stay Gold came from.  

As I sat this evening reading words from kindred spirits, taking it all in the golden light caught my eye.  I stopped.  I grabbed my camera and I took a few shots.  It didn’t matter that it hi-lited the dusting I have to do, it all looked perfectly beautiful, perfect and golden.  In focus out of focus…it was a gift.  A gift to witness the golden light as it quickly shifted through my windows, bouncing off my mantel and new/old record player.  The gift I’m so grateful for, the gift I can’t wait to listen to.  I feel blessed even when my days are long and my summer is nothing like I had imagined it would be.  It will give me a better appreciation for my half day hours and the time that gives me for my creative outlet.  Keeps me sane, keeps me happy.  In the meantime I know it’s only temporary and like Robert Frost says…..nothing gold can stay.  

And just experimenting.  Not sure how I feel about the black background.  XO have a wonderful weekend.