melons and yoga

 It’s really true.  When one thinks good thoughts, good things will happen.  I believe it with my entire heart.  It’s been a different kind of summer, I’ve missed my little mini me and I have been working like a real live working woman.  The kind I always dreamt of being.  Yeah, when I was a kid I didn’t want kids all I wanted to be was a career woman or as my mom and dad will tell you “a rear woman”  When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was “a rear woman”  They were like, “what’s that?”  my answer “it’s a woman who works for a living”  and just like that….God had such different plans for me.  Better ones! He gave me three kids!  I normally work from 9 to 1 Monday through Friday (best most awesome hours ever) but lately it's been more like 8:30 to 5:00.  

Back to good things happen when good thoughts are thought.  Last night when I got into bed I went to bed listing my gratitude.  There were so many things to be grateful for.  The list went on and on until I fell to sleep.  I woke up and was so happy it was Friday.  I poured a tall cup a coffee into the most adorable hand drawn mug with a big big sunshine on it and words of goodness from a pal of mine.  

I got into the car and what song is on?  Rebel, Rebel!  My song!  We joke around about the rebel who lives inside me.  Yep, me the quiet, sweet little red headed girl.  She has a rebel inside her.   I was grinning ear to ear when I stepped into the car and that song was playing!

The next thing that happened was I spotted this hawk sitting up on a street lamp and well, that’s always a good sign and I was thinking lots on my way to work.  I was thinking about how nice it would feel to be appreciated.  Appreciation is important to give and to receive.   Doesn’t everyone like to feel appreciated?  As the day went along at work I had lots of entertaining moments and guess what?  A beautiful edible delivery arrived with a note from a subcontractor “thanking us for all we do”  It was addressed to us gals in the office.  There you go…that little bit of appreciation just sealed the deal.  My day was made.  

I know it may sound weird and some people have issues with this kind of thinking but I would just have to say.  Try it.  What do you have to lose? It’s also kind of contagious.

What else good is happening?

I cut open my first and probably only melon of the season.  It tastes as yummy as it looks too!

I have been keeping sane by doing yoga with Adriene and even started her 30 day challenge.  

I can be found doing yoga in Abbie’s bedroom or the kitchen.  Those are my two favorite spots.

That’s about it for today.    Wishing you all a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I will be taking stock very soon as today is the last day of July!  I can’t even believe that.  hugs, kisses, cartwheels and handstands.  wishing you all…which ever one or two people read this till the end….a very, very lovely weekend.