One more week of Ordinary

And when I say ordinary I mean it in the best possible way.  I decided that I miss what I used to do on Flickr.  I used to take nearly a photo a day and post it on my stream and mostly it was just every day kind of stuff, the things I find in my home and yard and every so often that would include a person in my home.  I decided to come back to this and now I'm on week two.  My goal is 365 days and 52 weeks of ordinary snap shots.  I have already thought it may be a little bit of a challenge while I'm away 10 days back East on an 8th grade History field trip but I know it's possible and I'm up for finding the ordinary outside of these four walls. 

I could photograph this little nook in my home every single day and never tire of it.  Each morning I'm taken by the way the light shines and casts it's shadows.  I'm also considering painting this room gray and I can't quite picture how the light will play off gray walls.  I guess we will see. 

Remembering waking early to cook up the start of the two big pots of chili we shared last week with family.  Thankful for the time we had to gather as extended family on a weekday night. 

Then waking the next morning to see this web above the dining table, half wondering if it was there all along as we gathered around the table the night before.  I can imagine the little spider spying on us as we laughed and talked around the table. 

Passing by that same dining table on a Saturday morning to notice my headphones just laying there and bringing music to my attention.  Had me thinking about how important music is in our home. 

Everything comes back to that Thursday night family gathering.  As I notice the wilted flowers the littlest and only girl had brought in to spruce up the bathroom for our company.  Wilted but still very charming and thoughtful.

Thinking I had found my ordinary in a photograph of Simon kitty when I sit to upload it and notice the thread I had set aside on my desk.  The reminder that we are all connected in LOVE.  It won over the kitty that day. 

And still bringing me back to Thursday nights meal when sweet Abbie tied back the kitchen curtain with small pieces of yarn and feeling God's love as I snapped a photograph and the light and prisms were perfectly aligned to create a small rainbow over the white cafe curtains that have hung in my kitchen window for maybe 10 years or so by now.  

These are the moments that caught my attention in week two.  Today I begin week three.  I wonder what will catch my attention this week?  Gratitude has become a way of life so much so I can't imagine a day without it, even in the toughest most difficult sad days there is something good to find.