week 12 mother and daughter portrait project

This is week number 12 of portraits with my daughter.   We have 40 weeks to go on this project and I do appreciate when friends and family send me ideas.   My Aunt and Cousin had sent me an idea for chalk drawings.  I thought they were so cute.  I couldn’t convince my girl to do the super hero flying over buildings because that’s the one I wanted to do but she agreed to the balloon chalk drawing idea. 

I had old pastel sidewalk chalk in the garage and I drew us some balloons.  I kind of wished I had the brighter sidewalk chalk but we used what we had on hand.  Then I went to the side of the house and pulled out our tallest ladder.  I asked Dylan if he could give us a hand.  He wasn’t very happy about it but agreed to help us out but it had to be quick because he had things to do…..like go to the gym.  Whose kid is this anyways?  He goes to the gym like every single day.   Okay, truth be known.  I totally admire him.

This one here is part of the process, Elly directing us where to place our hands, telling Abbie her hair looked cool and I was like “Elly, Elly, how does my hair look? What about my dress?  Does it look okay?”  She just giggled and told us it all looked good to her.

I'm thankful Elly helped us.  She in fact told Dylan to shoot quick on what turned to be my most favorite picture because it was us laughing naturally.  She knew it was a good moment and Dylan was already done but he snapped that last picture because Elly said to capture it quick.  Thank you Elly.

Abbie likes this one below where she is in a dreamy serious flight, while I’m still laughing.  I don’t know why but I found this to be so funny because I had NO IDEA what we looked like laying on my driveway. 

me testing it out first.  Abbie said she LOVED this picture of me and I should post it some place. 

me testing it out first.  Abbie said she LOVED this picture of me and I should post it some place. 

It was tons of fun to do this on a Monday late afternoon.  The longer days really help us out.  I just don’t plan things very well.  I’m really happy with how they came out with how quickly we did it but as I mentioned on FB, it would have been nice to dress up in cute dresses and maybe do up our hair a little but I suppose the memory will be what is most important in the end.  Maybe this summer we will have more time for set up and the getting ready part.