Week 10 & 11 in New York - Mom and Daughter Portrait Project

Besides having loads of trouble with my internet...or maybe even my computer.  My mac mini is simply packed to the brim with IMAGES and videos and I have tried to move them to an external hard drive but things are just not going very well.  I just figured out though that I can log on to my blog by using Safari but not Google Chrome.  This is good news for the time being so I can post some new stuff on my blog.  

We had the BEST time when we went back East.  I mean the best possible time.  I went with Abbie's middle school and I had two other really amazing girls in my room besides my daughter.  They were super low maintenance and they made me laugh until my belly hurt.  I fell in love with them and I'm so happy I decided to go.  Money was going to be the big issue but because I also have a really great friend who is an attorney she made sure I had plenty of notary jobs and I was able to use that money to go towards the trip and also we had a nice Christmas bonus from work that I applied towards this trip and to make it easier for Abbie to go, her Mimi and Papa paid one installment of her trip:) For all the unexpected ways of money going towards this trip I am very grateful. 

We were able to see so many wonderful things and learn the history of our country but on top of that we went to New York and I got to walk through a little piece of Central Park with my girl and I handed Miss Lexie my camera and told her to shoot away.  She seems to have a true interest in photography and has a great eye.  She took all three of these shots of me and Abbie for our mother daughter week 10.  

I decided for week 11 to edit an old photo of the pair of us in a few different apps for a change of pace.  I had almost 6 hours on the airplane ride home to play with apps and edit photo's on my phone since my video monitor where I sat didn't work.  It was a fun way to pass the time. So technically we didn't have a photograph for week 11 but I have no hard set rules so as long as we got an image out that's all that matters. 

We also already have week 12 but I will post more on that later in the week.  Playing catch up since returning from our trip. I really love this project with my girl and so happy she is willing to play along.