Here is the real story.  I have not weighed myself exactly since that last freak out attack.  I did but it was the next morning because my very wise daughter says “mom you know you weigh more later in the day, you really should revisit and weigh in when you wake up tomorrow”  Seriously what on earth would I do without my kids?  They all seem to have this tremendous common sense that I lack.  Let us thank motorcycle man for the common sense gene.  He is really great at common sense, which a good friend of mine likes to refer to as “practical sense”  I have very little of it.  Ask anyone who knows me.  Don’t take your practical sense for granted, it’s a gift, trust me. 

Anyways, I was 5 pounds less than my big freak out attack two weeks ago.  In fact I want to say thank you to a good handful of people who reached out to me in my melt down.  Who encouraged me and lifted me up, who also shared similar stories and feelings on their current health status.  I’m grateful I can share myself on this platform for whomever will read my lengthy words.  

A few people told me not to measure my success by the number on the scale and as this might work for some, I just find I need some sort of gage and reality check.  The scale for me works.  It doesn’t for everyone. 

Things have been good.  I have not weighed myself as mentioned above but I have noticed and maybe it’s in my head but I feel like I have noticed my waist shrinking just a little, making my hourglass figure come a little more into recognition.  I have gone on nice long walks, I have swam and done exercises in the pool, I’m still strong on my water intake and I have eaten still what I love but trying to cut back on my portions or only eating half my meal when we eat out at restaurants.  Don’t worry, I’m not wasting food, I eat the other half for breakfast or lunch the next day.  This technique worked for me many moons ago.  It’s a slow process but it’s a process in which I don’t feel deprived. 

I posted a picture on social media this week of me in a super duper rad tank top.  I proclaimed to the world that I do NOT wear tank tops but it was very, very hot and I was going to go on a walk and so, I figured what the heck.  Plus the friend I walk with wouldn’t mind, she wouldn’t mind at all.  A few beautiful souls told me my arms were nice, that they were strong in fact.  UHHH What?  I don’t wear tanks tops because my arms are not exactly my best asset.  That being said, it totally encouraged me.  Like encouraged me so much I’m determined to actually keep lifting the weights we incorporate in our water routine. THANK YOU those who told me my arms were nice and strong.  I’m one of those who works way better with nice words rather than mean ones.  I’m an encourager and I work best being encouraged. 

Lastly, do any of you know all about the LuLaRoe clothes?  I had heard about the soft as butter leggings and the easy fashionable dresses.  My friend Sara, invited me to an on-line party.  I finally caved and bought some of those leggings and the MOST FUN dress.  The leggings are everything I heard they would be.  I’m not sure I want to take these off.  I need more.  well…I want more, let’s put it that way.  And the medium dress I ordered for sizes 10/12 is a little bit snug.  The arms feel super duper tight and the rib cage section and most especially boob section feel like a second skin.  However I’m not returning it.  Because I have decided it’s my first reward dress.  I’m going to get into this thing so I can breath in it.  I will wear the most fun tights with it and maybe even some funky boots because the cassette tape design is way too cool to return.  I guess the thing about LuLaRoe is all the sellers have different stock, so I can visit other LuLaRoe friends to see what they have and I suppose that’s the beauty of being a consultant with the variety of inventory everyone gets.  

That’s all.  How are you and your health journey, any good stories to share?