hello world!!

Goodness gracious. Someone took a long break from the blog world:) However I’m newly inspired. There truly is so much inspiration all around me, the garden is BURSTING IN COLOR!! All the little poppy seeds I planted in October have come alive and it’s a joy to me to see them each morning when I wake up!

red poppy.jpg

I’ve been in a creative slump these past few months. I have not made time to doodle or draw, blog or even take very many pictures. I think it’s normal to go through some dry spells so I’m not too upset about it. I do miss it though. It always is a form of therapy for me to have some sort of creative outlet. Two things in the future that have sparked my creativity again, one is the art walk on my birthday and the other is a film class I joined on-line.

My friend and neighbor asked me to show some art with him in May for a small city art walk. When he asked me I thought to myself, what in the world will I even share? I was so flattered that he wanted to show with me and I love being part of community so I accepted without even knowing what I would be showing. I have since decided to share how much folding cranes means to me. I have taken many pictures of my little folded cranes throughout the past couple of years and I’m going to share their story. I know the cranes don’t resinate with the masses however they are special to me so I’m going to do what sparks joy in my soul. In fact Lynda my neighbor’s wife has battled a couple of bouts of cancer and the second round when it was especially difficult I wanted to fold her a crane each day she went through intense chemo up until her new birthday! I fold cranes when I feel like I need to be still and quiet and pray. I fold cranes when someone leaves this world. I fold cranes for a variety of reasons, some good of course. I remember wanting to learn how to fold a crane and it took me quite a while to figure it out so when I did, I wanted to keep folding and keep folding so I wouldn’t forget. This May, the cranes will be featured for the city artwork along side my friend who makes the most awesome big, big metal robots. I made square postcards to share and I still need to figure out the few I want to print and show.


Lastly I joined a film making class with Xanthe Berkeley it’s a 10 day course that encourages us to make a film every day for an entire week about our daily lives. Just a really short film with hi-lights of our day. In it she is teaching us how to use a new app and this class is specific to using your cell phone for filming and editing it on your device as well. All of that part is new for me. I took a year long time capsule class from her in 2015 and we used our DSLR’s for filming and our computers for editing. I’m determined to learn something new. I made a one minute film on Saturday and while I used my cell phone, I was frustrated with how long the app was taking me to edit so I edited my film on iMovie because I already knew that program. Below is the short film I made and guess what…6 more mini’s to go. This should spark some creativity for sure.