clean room

This is how it began.  My mom came over today to help me clean.  She is really the sweetest kind of mom you see because we talked this week and I was overwhelmed with Abbie's promotion, work, stuff on my to-do list and really truth be told, it’s that time of the month so I’m pretty sure my hormones had a lot to do with what felt out of control.  She offered to come help dust my shutters and do some general cleaning in our big hang out room.   The three generation cranked some Beatles and cleaned and sang…well mom and Abbie are the singers not so much me. It’s never very much fun to clean but because we cleaned as a team it didn’t feel as tedious.  when we finished up I took a picture of the room.  I noticed the plant in the corner.  We both cleaned the plant, she dusted it’s leaves then I wiped them down with a damp cloth.  

Then I got a little closer and admired all the hearts. 

See, like this one.  Only if you look you will see they are literally all over this pretty house plant. 

I got closer and admired the new leaf beginning to emerge. 

Then I got a step ladder and took a shot from above.  

I can’t figure out which shot will be my day number 261.  I’ll have to think on it a little harder unless maybe someone puts in a vote:)

I still have the kitchen to deep clean, the bathroom and the dining room but I can spread it out a little I guess, I also need to get the littlest and only girl a bathing suit.  She is off for vacation without us this weekend.  All that being said, I found our cleaning today to be quite fun.  I can breathe in deeply and smell the freshness.  Mom made that fire place mantel look nearly brand new!  The floor feels nice under our feet and for today it looks quite nice.  Thank you mom.  I never ever want to take the things you do and the love you give so freely for granted.  I appreciate our time with each other.